The Unspoken Story

I want to give you guys some stories. This' just my story I can't tell anyone directly. This' story being existed since a man whom I'd met when I went to my English course class. I am really sure he won't realize that our first meeting tn that class had sooo much memories I really can't to forget him.
Yes, he won't know it at all! 

Because I know (maybe in his spare time) he still do blogging and accidentaly he might find this my simply blog someday, so I decide to publish this story here which I had written into fanfiction with Taiwanese actors and actreesses as the characters. Oops. I am sorry I give you so much prefaces. Hehehe. Actually what I want to tell there are in the story.

陈妍稀 Michelle ( )

Click these link below to read the stories ;) 

Courtesy: Youtube (Official HIM Music channel)

Courtesy: Youtube (SpeXial Official Chanel)

For you, [The Trully] Wang Shanghao, this song is for you......

Courtesy: Linfair Records' Channel Youtube

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